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Bottom Line is PJ Girls is definitely one of the best sites on the web for super hot women in close up pussy and gaping scenes.

You’ll get a lot of content here, regular updates, and a promise of super high quality. What more could a lover of this niche want? Definitely a top paid masturbation site, no doubt!


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Frequent updates


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More details about PJ Girls

What?! You didn’t realize Czech women are gods gift to all who love sex? Well, if that describes you, then you’re in for a treat in discovering these horny beauties! There are a ton of pay sites out there on the web focused on these gorgeous women, but there is one that gives visitors a more, shall we say, inside look at what makes these women, well, ummm…women!

We’re of course talking about PJ Girls where the girls spread their legs far and wide to give up close views of their tight pink pussies!

This isn’t just close up shots, in fact, you’ll find all sorts of insertions from fingers to toys to entire fists! This site is definitely a boon for the masturbation and pussy connoisseur and we would highly recommend you check it out!

Lots of content, regular updates, and extras!

In terms of overall numbers, you’re looking at quite the treasure trove of pussy shots! We’re talking over 500 scenes and updates happening on a weekly basis.

The site also operates what can be in essence, called a rewards program for loyal members who sign on again and again. Basically this opens up access to all sorts of extra exclusive content that you can’t get otherwise. Now that’s what I call incentivizing!

As you can imagine, getting up close and personal with a pussy takes a bit of camera work, and a focus on quality. Thankfully, that’s largely the case here with the vast majority of videos available in full 1920 x 1080 HD.

Not only do these look great, but they give you a crystal clear view of all the close up action. Photos are also impressive with a number of high resolution sizing options that you can get at via download. Speaking of which, downloads are available for videos as well. It’s true, you can have it all!

Advanced and superb navigation available

Navigation is also great with a number of features that directly enhance your experience in using this site. We particularly enjoyed the mobile friendly version of the site – very easy to use and watch, even while on the go!

In addition to that they have, unsurprisingly, developed a “pussy classification system” that will allow you to find your favorite pussy and get on with business. There’s also a model index if you’d like to match a face before looking at her pussy.

No matter how you use it, you’ll have absolutely no problem finding pussy!

Even more hot amateurs also doing solo action can be found at Karups Hometown Amateurs ..and for all you pussy fans be sure to check out Teach Me Fisting.

There’s no denying that this is a great place for pussy fans to hang out!

It doesn’t really matter where they’re from, these ladies offer up some great close up pussy and masturbation porn that is definitely in the top tier of the genre. If you enjoy this niche then there’s absolutely no reason to avoid checking out PJ Girls.

It looks like they’re going to keep on updating on a regular basis so we say get on with it! On to the pussy says we!

Posted: 2016-06-29