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Bottom Line is Bongacams.com has a very simple interface that you can get used to right away, a vast selection of male and female models in hot webcam shows, and a wide selection of categories that cover a lot of fetishes to help you find enough content to satisfy all your desires. You’ll love this top cam sex site!


Great interface, Lots of categories, Many models at all times, Has both male and female models, Loads the shows in a quick way.


When browsing with no membership the invitation can get a bit annoying, requires membership.

More details about Bonga Cams

Looking for a great site in which to watch hot models doing live sex shows can be tricky, fortunately, Bongacams.com simplifies this for its users by offering a lot of great webcam related goodness thanks in no small part to all the gorgeous models that you can find once inside and who are all amicable and hoping to arouse you with all their charms and unmatched talent. For those who are looking for hot ladies in erotic situations on webcams, Bongacams.com is impressive, but even if you are looking for something different you can find it here, men, women, couples, group shows, take your pick, this site has it for you and it comes full of good options.

The best part about this site is how user friendly it is. Every aspect of it seems tailored specifically for its users to feel welcome and at home, as if every section of the site was not a new thing, but something that they have already been browsing for years. This reception is warm and creates a powerful draw to the content that this sex cam site brings to the table.

As far as the content that Bongacams.com possesses, it is all presented in a good way by showing you a description of each section or category to give you a better idea of what you can find there, but the problem with these is that sometimes they get lost on the visuals and not that much attention is directed to them, which can make you miss them. Still, having those descriptions for each section as well as the ones you can find under each model’s thumbnail are an invigorating breath that represent a good time even if you haven’t yet been immersed completely in the webcam shows.

Each model’s room comes with a profile section where you can read more about her, from who she is and how she looks, to what she is an expert at and what you can see on her show on a regular basis. These descriptions also have a lot about the model’s personality in them, so they are always a nice thing to check out. Also, something notable about the shows section itself is that instead of taking you to a separate screen, Bongacams.com simply lets you stay in the section you were browsing and it loads the show right there. This eliminates unwanted waiting periods and makes everything appear more dynamic.

This site has a lot of good things, but also some areas where it could improve to truly become one of the best porn sites. For one, the thumbnail section does not show previews of the shows, which would be a great addition because it would let you see what a model is doing and avoid you feeling like you are stepping in blindly to their shows.

Another thing that is a bit of an annoyance is the fact atht if you are simply browsing without a membership, a notice comes up inviting you to join the site. This notice is informative and even has some details and eye-catching images to help you make up your mind, but it comes up so often, interrupting the action that it becomes an annoyance. Needless to say, this complaint does not really carry a lot of weight because a membership to this site is actually a thing worth having, and once you get one, this nagging notice is gone and you can continue enjoying the experience uninterrupted.

The memberships are free at a basic level and they can be upgraded to a VIP one where you get complete access to everything, and the best part is that you don’t even require to pay constant fees to keep your VIP membership as this site focuses on the token system for shows, which means you only purchase the tokens you want to spend on the site, keeping the notion that you are in complete control of your experience alive at all times.

Posted: 2016-05-21

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