Our editors 7 favorite pay sites

Hi again all you nice fellow porn lovers! 🙂 We’ve already done a couple of nice lists for you being YOUR users 10 favorite pay sites + the 10 best new pay sites. This time we’ve done a new top list for you featuring OUR favorite sites!

Yeah, we know… we’ve already reviewed a ton of great pay sites (240 pay sites reviewed and counting), so you already have our favorite sites …or do you?

Well … as you may have guessed: not quite 😉

What we do, when we review new pay sites is, that we focus on different aspects of how this site delivers. Here we look at stuff like content quality, amount of content, price, frequency of updates and so forth.

In THIS top list we focus on our personal favorites here at the office!


We know there are a looot of great pay sites out there, so this is gonna be a “short and simple” list with the 7 sites we come back to time after time…

Here are our Editors favorit picks:


#1: VideoBox

RATING: 100%

The lowdown is that Videobox is just a close to a perfect paid site for all porn lovers! You pay small money for aaaal the steamy quality porn you could possibly desire.
The reason we love VideoBox is quite simple: it delivers in all aspects of what makes a great pay site! There re huuuge amounts of porn movies in (minimum) DVD quality.
This means you pay once and then you have access to hours on end of top quality hardcore DVD porn from all shelves so to say. This combined with the great price of only 15 bucks (or 12 dollars with our current  discount!) makes this a no brainer.
Go sign up and enjoy an all you can eat porn buffet at its best! 🙂

#2: Nubiles


The lowdown is that Nubiles is a real high class pay site with loooads of young hot models! So if you’re into both hardcore porn but also like the tight, young and new in the game this is the paid site for you!
The reason we love Nubiles is because it’s a “fresh take” on the standard hardcore pay sites out there. It has a very glamorous feel to most of the scenes.
That being said it both delivers in the hardcore and the more sensual softcore side of things ..and you can find Lesbian action as well as threesomes.
This is all served up with some of the tightest and hottest young models you can find. What’s not to like here??

#3: Teen Mega World


The lowdown is that Teen Mega World, as the name implies, is a top notch paid mega site containing all the hot teens you could ever dream off!
The reason we love Teen Mega World is that it is another one of the “good in every department” pay sites. This means everything from the hot content to the updates to the navigation and so on.
We love the hot young teens in the top quality videos and pics. When signing up you get access (at the moment) 43 different sites meaning there’s more teen porn than you can probably even get a chance to go through.
So if you’re looking for a hot teen porn pay site this is one you CAN’T miss! 😉

#4: FTV Girls


The lowdown is that FTV Girls is a paid site with their focus on young hotties doing porn of all different kinds for the FIRST time. This is a really great concept bringing a combination of amateur girls and high class porn!
The reason we love FTV Girls is this great combination of amateur and high class hardcore porn. We really get the “authentic vibe” from the site and love the young hotties sharing their first experiences with us on camera 🙂
Another plus is the huge collection of both videos and photos ..and that they have unique photo sets in very high class.
Want that exclusive feeling and wanna see amateurs in real classy and high quality settings then FTV Girls is the site for you!

#5: Brazzers


The lowdown is that Brazzers is a pay site that .. well .. hardly needs any introduction. Are we right here? It’s become a household name in the porn industry setting the standard in many ways. Setting the standard very high that is!
The reason we love Brazzers is mainly for it’s great and consistent quality in all aspects. Having seen that logo and heard that Brazzers intro so many times it has a familiar quality vibe to it.
It’s first of all a mega site that gives access to vasts amount of steamy content ..and eeeverything is just top notch. This is hands down one of the best paid sites and best deals out there.
For all lovers of the best porn stars in the best hardcore scenes Brazzers is a must!

#6: Naughty America


The lowdown is that Naughty America is one of the absolute best quality reality porn pay sites we know of! Quality is consistent and in the highest end of the scale.
The reason we love Naughty America is because we love those ultra hot porn stars! They just know how to be dirty and do their stuff! 🙂 That being said Naughty America has one of the best collections of these hot pornstars and models in realistic porn scenes and scenarios. At the moment there are over 2000 of these hot models on display at this awesome pay site!
..and like us here at the office, don’t tell us you don’t find the “My sisters hot friend” fantasy hot!?
Naughty America is of course a mega site that gives you free access to other paid sites that focus on these hot fantasies like the sisters hot friend and so on.
We promise that your money is WELL spent on this top ringer of a paid porn site ..so get to it and visit them 😉

#7: Reality Kings


The lowdown is that Reality Kings truly are just that: Kings! This is one of the most all round paid sites we’ve checked out ..and believe us we HAVE really checked this one out! 😉
The reason we love Reality Kings is because the deliver some of the best quality porn out there and in almost ALL categories!
This is a mega site that once again gives free access to a bunch of other paid sites and these sites cover a looot of porn territory! You’ll get access to everything from hardcore, Teens, MILF, Big Boobs, Big curvy butts to sites revolving around specific fantasies like “Moms bang Teens” and “Mike’s Apartment“.
This is (.. well .. yet another one 😉 .. ) of the great pay sites that we come back to again and again ..and we’re sure you will too!

The Roundup

After having gone through all our editorial favorites amongst all our great paid sites we have included some and at the same time we’ve HAD to exclude a lot of others!

What we see here is a pattern though! We here at the office sure love those young and hot teens AND also the great and top quality Mega Sites! 🙂

There’s one main reason for this: the young and hot models .. well .. who don’t like them? ..and the Mega Sites just deliver sooo much great and hot content! You get so much “bang for your buck” (quite literally) and by joining one pay site you get access to so many more top quality paid sites!

That’s all from the office today. Now it’s YOUR time to go through these and other of our reviews and find YOUR favorite sites! Maybe you fancy the same ones ..but if not, we assure you, there’s something for all tastes to be found in our categories.

Enjoy 🙂